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RP-1 Remoter Power Module
Two 9 volt batteries provide 18 volt battery power for outboard powering of the Artist II endpin jack preamp when 48 volt Phantom Power is not available from a mixer, PA, or amp.
(Requiress CAB-1 cable, batteries not included)

CAB-1    6 foot cable
XLR to 1/4" Stereo TRS cord for connecting the Artist II endpin jack preamp to a Phantom Power source or the RP-1 Remote Power Module.

Battery Bag

Woven cordura nylon battery bag with velcro closure and supplied self adhesive velcro mounting pad for installation into instrument.

Gold Button

Gold plated strap button to replace chromed button on Endpin Jacks, Player Preamps and Artist II preamps.

 Endpin Jack

Take apart endpin jack, 4 contacts (including ground). As used with our passive pickups, BJ-02 Player simple jack assembly, RB-1 series bass pickups, and as part of our Player Preamps and Artist II Preamps. For wiring info (pdf) -click here

Panel Jack

Replacement jack as used with our violin and viola SJA and SJAplus jack assemblies and the BJ-02 Std banjo pickup and NBJA rosewood banjo jack assembly.



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Accessories In Stock Price Quantity
RP-1 Remote Power Module Yes $69.95
CAB-1 Cable XLR male to 1/4" trs, 6 feet Yes $16.95
Battery Bag Yes $6.95
Gold Button Yes $6.95
Endpin Jack (used with pickups, preamps, BJ-02 Player) Yes $10.95
Panel Jack (used with SJA, SJAplus, Banjo Std jacks) Yes $8.95
Black Jack (used with all MVC's, Banjo Pro) Yes $7.95
Inside Putty (for Dualie I, HFN, HFN-S2, CH-3)  2 large pieces Yes $7.95
Outside Putty (for Dualie O, VVM, RG-03, TC) 2 Large Pieces Yes $7.95
VHB Foam Tape 1/4 inch wide (.015" thick) 12 Pieces Yes $7.95

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