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Instruction Sheets and Technical Bulletins     (pdf format)


2016 Catalog O - Schatten Design Pickups & Accessories     (1.3 mb)
Model B Kit -  Coil Winding Machine Instructions           
Model D - Coil Winding Machine Instructions
Combining piezo pickups with a mag or a mic  (245kb)
Endpin Jack Wiring (83kb)
Thumbwheel Wiring Diagrams - (6 different configurations)    (84kb)


Basic Pickup and Volume Pot Wiring  (196kb)
HFN Pickup Base Templates - full size fitting templates - HFN, HFN-C, HFN-S2
CH-3 Artist Tech Tips (Soundboard fit, string strip) (21kb)
RG-03 Tech Tips -1  (Fender biscuit bridge install)     (74 kb)
RG-03 Tech Tips -2 ( Grounding, 60 cycle elimination - Applies Only to RG-03's built before 2008)    (29 kb)
Information on using pickups with Amps, PA Systems, and Mixers (21 kb)
String Balance and HFN Steel String Pickups   (24 kb)

Pickup Instruction Sheets

    Steel String Guitar
  HFN (passive)
  HFN Active, HFN Active VT
  HFN Artist, HFN Artist Plus 1, HFN Artist Plus 2
  UST-1 (passive)
  UST-1 Active, UST-1 Active VT

    Nylon String Classical Guitar
  HFN-C (passive)
  HFN-C Active, HFN-C Active VT
  HFN-C Artist, HFN-C Artist Plus 1

    Selmer / Gypsy Jazz Guitar
  HFN-S2 (passive)
  HFN-S2 Active, HFN-S2 Active VT
  HFN-S2 Artist, HFN-S2 Artist Plus 1, HFN Artist Plus 2

    Archtop Guitar
  AT-04 Discontinued

    Resonator Guitars - Spider Bridge
  RG-03 (passive)
  RG-03 Std and Pro
  RG-03-A (with Artist II endpin jack preamp) Discontinued
    Resonator Guitars - Biscuit Bridge
  NR-2 (passive)
  NR-2 Std and Pro (passive)
  NR-2A (with Artist II endpin jack preamp) Discontinued
    Resonator Guitars - Tricone
  TC, TC Std and Pro (passive)
  TC-A (with Artist II endpin jack preamp) Discontinued

  BJ-02 Series

    Mandolin - Arched Top, Adjustable Bridge
    Mandolin (flat top), Mandola, Bouzouki - Non Adjustable Bridges

    Viol Family
  V-02 Series for violin
  VR Series for viola
  VVM Series for violin and viola
  C-12 for cello
  RB-1, RB-2 Bass series (passive)
  RB-1A, RB-2A Bass series (with preamp)

   Dualie Insider
  Dualie Outsider
  LP-15 Insider
  LP-15 Outsider
  EP-01 Utility Transducer

  CH-3 Arist (with preamp)

    Folk Instruments
  AD-01 for autoharp
  D-3 Std for Appalachian dulcimer
  HD-2 for hammered dulcimer

  P-2 (passive)

Preamp Instruction Sheets
  Artist II Preamps (also thumbwheel, CAB-1 and RP-1 info)
  Player Preamps
  Mini-Pre 2
  Micro-Pre, Micro-Pre 2
Jack Assemblies
  BJA series Banjo Jack Assemblies
  SJA series Violin / Viola Jack Assemblies
  MVC series for Reso's, Bouzoukis, Mandolins, Mandolas