New And Featured Products


New HD-4 Hammered Dulcimer Pickup
(with jack assembly)
New AD-02 Autoharp Pickup

New CH-3 Artist Celtic Harp & Pedal Harp Pickup V-03 Pro violin pickup
(with new CJAplus jack assembly)

M-06 Mandolin Pickup
(with new CJA jack assembly) 
New MicroPre's- Miniature One and Two Channel Preamps

 LP-15 Soudboard Pickups   Ultra-Thin  Ultra-Light Weight
Inside or Outside Mount     Great Sound In A Tiny Package

BJ-02M - Banjo Pickup, Condenser Mic, Jack Assembly, 2 Channel Belt Clip Preamp RG-03M - Spider Bridge Reso Pickup,
Condenser Mic, Endpin Jack,
2 Channel Belt Clip Preamp


Things Of Interest


We are pleased to announce that Tamari Music, Petah Tikva Israel is now a Schatten dealer




HFN Artist - Acoustic Magazine - March 2011   Read The Review



YouTube Videos


We're going to ask those players using  Schatten Pickups to send us their YouTube videos so that we can post them.



.....from Jett Pink

Things are 'bout coming my way



.....from Clarksdale Moan - recorded live at Folkfest 2010




....A couple of videos from Ashley Hicklin are available on these websites:



Here are a couple of videos featuring me playing my Wechter/Scheerhorn squareneck with the RG-03 installed. The mics were basically "decorative." The Schatten gives me a well-controlled sound in an instrument that is typically a nightmare to amplify. Thanks, Schatten!

Good Kings Highway - RG-03

Benediction - RG-03


Bob Knight 
Guitar, bass, mandolin, bouzouki, lap steel,
Dobro, vocals, arranging, production, hand percussion
"Guess what?! I've got a fever, and the only prescription... is more cowbell!"



Jack Fields - HFN-S2 Selmer