Schatten Thumbwheel Controls


500k thumbwheel controls


     Our new T-2 thumbwheel controls are small, circuit board mounted units that can be used as a volume and tone control or as two volume controls. T-2's are also designed to easily be split into two single thumbwheel units should you want to use single thumbwheels for any purpose.

    T-2's come complete with 24 inches of 5 conductor shielded mini cable and a 0.047mfd capacitor. All control units can mount to the underside of a sound hole lip on an acoustic or classical or to the underside of a floating pickguard with the supplied 3M VHB foam tape.

     T-2 thumbwheel controls are the same ones we use with our Artist II and Player endpin jack preamps. They will work properly with all magnetic pickups as well.

For information about using thumbwheels with our preamps, click on the 'Details' tab.





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T-2-500 (500 k dual thumbwheel controls) Yes $35.95

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 The physical size of a T-2 is 1.5 inch (38.1mm) length x  0.9375 inch (23.8) width.

Overall thickness is 0.144 inch (3.6mm).



About using thumbwheels with Schatten Endpin Jack Preamps:

For use with the Artist II Preamp
Due to circuitry design in this 2 channel preamp, only volume controls may be added. Tone controls cannot be used with the Artist II. Use 500k thumbwheels if adding volume controls to the Artist II Preamp.

For use with the NEW Player Preamp
The design of this single channel preamp allows for the addition of up to one volume and one tone control. Use 500k thumbwheels if adding volume or volume and tone controls to the Player Preamp.





T-2 Volume and Tone (as used with our Player preamp)


T-2 Volume / Volume (as used with our Artist II preamp) 


Wiring Diagrams


     Shown below are some generic wiring schemes using T-2 Thumbwheel units.


Download the diagrams - pdf