Schatten VVM-2 Series Pickups For Violin and Viola


          All New And Redesigned - VVM-2 Series Of Non-Permanent Stick-On Pickups



...don't need a pickup all the time?

     The VVM-2 Series offers the solution to this problem. A small lightweight sensor adheres to the bridge with a little bit of putty.

     These pickups were designed for quick and easy installation and removal and will provide you with a means for amplifying your instrument when you need it. When you don't need a pickup, the VVM-2 can simply be stored away. They come complete and ready to go with no wiring, soldering or other fussing around.


VVM sensor on a violin bridge                     



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VVM-2 Series Pickups For Violin and Viola In Stock Price Quantity
VVM-2 Pro with CJAplus Jack Assembly,thumbwheel volume control Yes $159.95  
Accessories for the VVM-2 Series
Schatten Mini Pre Acoustic Instrument Preamp more Yes $69.95

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The VVM-2 Pro features a thumbwheel volume control at the rear of the jack assembly.

     The VVM-2's are designed to be easily installed and just as easily taken off and stored away in your case until the next time you need a pickup. Many players however will leave the jack assembly installed on the instrument and simply remove the pickup sensor from the bridge and stick it to the jack assembly.


View Installation Instructions: VVM-2 pdf


Clean, clear sound reproduction This pickup has been designed to operate properly and sound terrific without the use of a preamp when plugged into any 'normal' amp (guitar amp, bass amp, etc.). As with any pickup, the sound can be further enhanced with an outboard preamp. If you require the added ability to be able to plug directly into a P.A. or mixer then you may wish to add our  Mini Pre belt clipable preamp to your pickup system.  







VVM Pro with CJAplus Jack Assembly with thumbwheel volume control

Rear view of the CJAplus thumbwheel jack assembly




Hi guys,
     We received the VVM Pro pickup in the mail from you this morning. I have hooked it up to my daughters viola using a small Ibanez 10watt amp.
     It sounds great. Thanks for your prompt service. Much appreciated.

Max Beyer



The violin and viola players in Ashley Hicklin's band use VVM model pickups 

     The VVM Pro is just what I have been looking for in a pickup for both my violin and viola. Its very easy to adjust, handy as Im always swapping it between my viola and violin. My viola is obviously larger than my violin, but the ability to easily adjust the pickup enables it to fit perfectly on both instruments. Its very quick to do as well, unlike many other pickups Ive tried.
     The tone of my instruments is remarkable through the VVM Pro too. The biggest problem with other pickups is that they rarely do justice to the natural tone of my instruments. However, the VVM Pro manages to maintain the beautiful sound of my violin and viola, so now I can have a great tone plugged or unplugged.

Kaja Fuchs












About Pickups and Amplification


Passive Pickup - A piezo pickup.

Impedance - To simplify things as much as posssible we'll say that impedance refers to the range in which an amplifying device can 'hear' a pickup plugged into it.

Preamp - A device specifically designed for use with piezo pickups that increases the signal strength and lowers the impedance of a passive pickup.

Active Pickup - A piezo pickup with an attached preamp.

Microphone Preamp - a device that may be built into and mixers that is designed to work with microphones. These units will not generally work with passive pickups.

'Normal' Electric Guitar Amps: A passive pickup has an impedance of approximately 2 mega ohms (2 million ohms) which virtually all 'normal' electric guitar amps can generally handle without issue.

 'Acoustic' Amps: may or may not require the use of a preamp with a pickup and that will depend upon whether or not there is a special built in preamp section to that amp that specifically allows for the choice in plugging in either a passive (non-preamped) or active (preamped) pickup. This choice is quite often in the form of pushbutton on the amp's control panel. Many acoustic amps show a selection that may indicate the choice of 'high impedance' and 'low impedance'.

Low impedance in these instances usually indicates that in this range the amp will handle an impedance of 1000 ohms or less - which will allow active pickups with preamps to be used.

High impedance in these instances may indicate an allowable impedance into the 2 or 3 mega ohm range - which will allow passive pickups to be used. Or it may indicate a maximum input impedance allowed of  20,000 ohms or less - which will handle magnetic electric guitar pickups but not passive pickups. You should carefully read the technical specifications of your acoustic amp in order to see what it will do.

P.A. Systems, Mixers: all of these units will require the use of a preamp between themselves and a passive pickup. Microphone preamps built into P.A.'s and mixers are not designed for use with passive pickups and will not work properly.

Computers: Due to the vagaries and variables inherent in the sound cards found in computers, the only thing that we can advise is that a preamp will almost certainly be necessary.